5 Expert ways to order pizza: Various ordering options

Pizza is no longer a food item restricted to a few countries; it is available in almost every place, nook, and corner. After every few miles you would find a pizza chain. Gladly, even the gas stations have pizza centers to pick these on your way and satisfy the taste buds. If you know the right way to deliver the pizza, you can have the best experience of delivery services.

Our article is all about the several ways to order pizza and relish the melting cheese with every single bite. Keep these tips handy whenever you plan to order pizza for you or for a large group in a party. Double Pizza Montreal is amongst the recommended brands for some delicious pizzas and timely delivery services.

Follow these 5 expert ways to order pizza:

  1. Find out apps that promise you a dedicated delivery time. If they fail to do that, consider your delivery free! One of the best parts is you get hot and fresh pizza because they wish to delivery it on time and thus, they make no delays.
  2. Try the online app options. APPs are quicker than websites and other ordering platforms. These let you browse through all their top menus along with combos and deals of the day. Take time to go through the menu section. Find out discount coupons from coupon companies and try your luck for additional discounts through these coupons.
  3. Contact them on call. Call them personally to place the order. Speaking to a pizza delivery agent is way better than placing pizza orders online. It is because they clear all your doubts and queries immediately on the call. Sometimes, building a good rapport on the call can get you some additional goodies, takeaways, and even manager discounts. They do have the liberty to do that.
  4. Try the takeaway orders. If you don’t wish to compromise on timely delivery and freshness of the pizzas, it would be wise to personally visit the center and collect the order by yourself. Your car’s heater will keep the pizza fresh, warm, and melting on the cheese part…
  5. Book the space in advance. If you have a large get together planned and you know bulk pizza orders take time to deliver at home try to book a space directly at the center. For advance bookings, the center dedicates the staff for the party order to ensure no delayed delivery and order confusion. Double Pizza Montreal is known to take party orders without any hassle.